The Contracted Employer shall act as the Prime Contractor as defined in The Workplace Safety and Health Act.  The Contractor shall:

  1. Take reasonable precautions to ensure everyone working on the project complies with legal safety and health requirements.
  2. Establish a project safety and health committee if 20 or more workers are expected to last more than 50 days, and
  3. Coordinate the safety and health programs of employers contracted to work on the project.
    The Contracted Employer shall have a company safety program.  Submit written current status with the Manitoba Building Contractors Safety Certification Program, or submit a copy of Company Safety Policy Manual.
  4. Provide copies of any outstanding improvement orders with Workplace Safety and Health, and explain.
  5. Provide duplicate copies of MSDS sheets for all products utilized in the work.  Maintain one set of copies on the construction site, and turn over the other set to the Owner.
  6. Carry out safety meetings in accordance with The Workplace Safety and Health Act.

Contractor’s Terms and Conditions Governing Work at Hanover School Division

Prime Contractor: The Hanover School Division Maintenance Supervisor or his designate

Contractor: Any person or firm engaged by contract or purchase order to perform a job or provide a service for Hanover School Division

Contractor personnel: The employees and/or subcontractors engaged by the contractor in the performance of his/her work. 

Site Supervisor:

(a) The employee of Hanover School Division designated to supervise the job for which the contractor has been engaged, to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations


(b) The employee designated by a contractor and accepted by Hanover School Division who supervises the job for which the contractor has been engaged, to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.

General Contractor

This document provides information regarding the terms and conditions for Contractors working on Hanover School Division premises. This document, when signed becomes part of the general terms and conditions of the contract issued by the Hanover School Division to the contractor. It is the sole responsibility of the contractor to ensure that all Contractor personnel are aware of this document and comply with all the terms therein. Failure to comply may be considered a fundamental breach of contract that may result in, but is not limited to, expulsion from the premises and may be cause for exclusion from any further bidding considerations.

Conditions of Entry and Work

  1. The Contractor will provide the Hanover School Division maintenance department with the names of all contractor personnel engaged in the project. This should be done at least 48 hours prior to commencing work on the property.
  2. The site Supervisor will arrange a Material and Equipment Storage Area if necessary, and will advise contractor personnel of general precautions and special requirements. If work that is to be carried over from one shift to another, materials and tools must be stored in a designated area and that area will be kept clean and tidy and free from hazardous conditions.
  3. Controlled or restricted materials are not permitted on the property without the permission of the Hanover School Prime Contractor. All WHMIS controlled materials entering the Hanover School Division property must be clearly identified in accordance with WHMIS regulations and must have Material Safety Data Sheets available.
  4. The contractor shall not dispose or permit to be disposed any hazardous material except in accordance with the regulations of the Province of Manitoba by-laws.  The contractor must remove all hazardous and non-hazardous materials.
  5. Contractor personnel will comply with all provisions of the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act chapter W210 of the statutes of Manitoba and all the regulations thereof, including but not limited to the wearing of personal protective equipment, proper use of confined space procedures, application of electrical lockout procedures and the use of fall restraint devices when working in high places.
  6. The contractor will provide adequate fire protection for all equipment and welding operations, trained fire watchers equipped with all necessary fire extinguishing equipment are required during all welding operations. Contractor personnel are to familiarize themselves with emergency egress routes and must notify the Hanover School Division site supervisor if an evacuation situation occurs.
  7. The contractor will adequately protect the work, Hanover School Division property, and the property of other contractors. The Hanover School Division assumes no liability for the loss or theft of the contractor’s tools and equipment while on Hanover School Division premises.
  8. All incidents, such as accidents or near misses involving contractor personnel must be immediately reported to the site supervisor, who will take the appropriate action.
  9. All building permits, licenses, or other legislated requirements for the approval, construction, and inspection of a project are the sole responsibility of the Prime Contractor or his/her designee unless otherwise stated in the contract agreement.


I hereby certify that I have read and understood the above Terms and conditions and agree to comply with them as written.

Dated at__________________________________________________

This ____________day of ____________________________, 20____.


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Company: __________________________________________________


Received by: Hanover School Division

Date Received: This ________day of_______________________20____


(on behalf of the Hanover School Division )