Section 7.4(5)(a) of the Workplace Safety and Health Act requires a statement of the employer’s policy with respect to protecting the safety and health of workers at the workplace.

Workplace Safety and Health Mission Statement:  As a responsible educator and employer:

“Hanover School Division recognizing the rights of a worker to work in a safe and healthy work environment is committed to maintain all facilities as safe and healthy places of employment and learning for all students, staff, and visitors and is prepared to work in a spirit of co-operation and consultation with their workers in developing and maintaining an effective safety program..”

In Hanover School Division:

  • All facilities will be operated in compliance with provincial health and safety regulations.
  • Prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses will be done through the promotion of safety and health consciousness and to the ongoing education of all employees with respect to relevant provincial legislation and regulations for workplace  safety and health;
  • A comprehensive workplace safety and health program will be maintained;
  • The rights, roles and responsibilities of all employees with respect to workplace safety and health will be recognized;
  • The Workplace safety and health is ‘everyone’s responsibility’ and requires all employees to contribute to a safe and healthy environment;
  • Substandard safety and health performance will not be accepted and appropriately dealt with.