Definition of a Safety or Health Concern: A safety or health concern exists when a condition or hazard in a workplace or on divisional property may potentially endanger employees, students, sub-contractors or visitors to that site.  A safety or health concern also exists when the equipment, tools or procedures utilized at a worksite / school may potential endanger employees, students, sub-contractors or visitors to that site.

Procedures for Reporting an Incident (Near Miss or Actual Accident)

  1. The school administrator / department supervisor is contacted once an incident/accident has occurred.
  2. Area with the incident occurred is safeguarded and closed off to any access/disturbance.
  3. An incident investigation is then conducted.
  4. In the event of a serious incident that requires an emergency medical response / hospitalization then the HSD Incident Investigation Team will be contacted to assist with the on-site investigation.  WSH will be contacted and the details of the incident/accident provided.
  5. If the incident does not require contacting WSH, then an on-site internal investigation team (principal, safety rep, custodian) will conduct the investigation.  The division WSH officer must still be contacted and will provide guidance and assistance as required.
  6. An HSD Incident Report will be completed and submitted to the WSH officer.

The WSH Committee will review each report and designate committee members and/or the WHS officer, to follow-up to ensure that all recommendations pertaining to preventing further incidents of this nature will be carried out.  A timeline for compliance will be established and then carried out. 

Procedures for Reporting a Workplace Injury

  1. Any employee who sustains an injury that is WSH related must complete the divisional form titled: Reporting a Workplace Injury. The form is to be completed and given to the principal / supervisor.  Copies will be made and distributed to:  the Workplace Supervisor – original; the Employee, the Workplace Employee Representative, and the HSD Safety Program Coordinator.
  2. All employee groups with the exception of teachers, must also complete a Worker’s Compensation Board Incident Claim form.  The form is submitted to the Human Resources Department who will then process the claim.