Workplace Safety and Health Start of Year Risk Management Checklist for School Administrators

Staff Orientation:  Please ensure that the following information has been presented during the first staff / orientation meeting:

  • Student Supervision Schedule
  • Safe Arrival Checks / Call Back Program
  • Attendance / Recording Keeping Procedures
  • Extra-curricular School Programs / Permission / Informed Consent Forms / Volunteer Drivers
  • Student Information / Medical
  • FIPPA (
  • School Codes of Conduct / Discipline Guidelines and Procedures
  • Playground Rules
  • School Bus Ridership Safety
  • Administration of Medication – Divisional Policy #
  • Take Your Kids to Work Program / Information and Guidelines
  • Youth Safe Manitoba Document / School Forms
  • Emergency Response Plan / Procedures and Responsibilities / Fire Safety / Lockdown Procedures
  • Procedures for Controlling Visitor Access to the School Site
  • Procedures for Communicating Inside and Outside the School in an Emergency
  • Procedures for Contacting Students’ Parents or Guardians in an Emergency
  • Procedures for Dealing with  Threats / Weapon / Bomb
  • Procedures for Dealing with Fires / Chemical Spills / Weather-Related Emergencies
  • Procedures for Evacuating the Building / Moving to Secondary Safe Area
  • Employee Access to HSD Buildings Outside Assigned Working Hours
  • Locked Equipment Rooms, Security Cables on Equipment, Use of School Equipment
  • Respectful Workplace Policy
  • WSH Policy / Committee / WSH Bulletin Board / Reporting Procedures

Safety Procedures for Industrial Arts/Science Laboratories

  • Machinery Inspection Schedule
  • Safety Based Training Schedule
  • Documentation of Safety In-services and Attendance Records (WHMIS/WSH Inspections / Anaphylaxis / CPR-Emergency First Aid
  • Shop Safety Rules
  • Storage, Use, and Disposal of Chemicals / WHMIS and MSDS Information
  • Use of Personal Protection Equipment

Additional Information

  • Student Accident Insurance
  • Medic Alert – No Child Without Information