Hanover School Division will provide and employees will participate in all safety and related training that is necessary to minimize loss to human and physical resources of the division, its’ suppliers and the public.

This training will include but is not limited to:

  1. New hire safety orientations
  2. Job-specific training
  3. Safety training for supervisors and management
  4. Task specific training
  5. Specialized safety and related training

Divisional Orientation

Upon commencing employment, prior to the assignment of any task, new employees will receive a safety orientation by a member of divisional administration (or designate).

Employee Safety Training

Supervisors will provide training in job operations and responsibilities, proper procedures to be used, and special training for non-routine tasks.

Divisional Committee and the SRSS Sub Committee Training

The Hanover School Division will provide WSH Committee members and Workplace Representatives (including the SRSS WSH Sub-Committee members) with a minimum of two days of training related to workplace safety and health.

The Assistant Superintendent will approve written requests for workplace safety and health training from committee members or workplace representatives.

All school administrators will receive the following (but not restricted to) annual training and upgrading for:

  1. WHMIS – Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
  2. MSDS – WellNet Online Data System Overview – Material Safety Data Sheets
  3. Workplace Inspections
  4. Safety Training for Supervisors

All members of the divisional WHS Committee will receive up to, but not restricted to, two days of training and upgrading each year.

Toolbox Talks

Tool box talks will be held on a regular basis, at minimum, once per month. On jobs with more than five employees, they will be held on a weekly basis with no meeting lasting less than 15 minutes.

Topics will be relevant to the job and job conditions with active employee participation. This is a format for all employees to express their safety concerns.

Job Specific Training

Training specific to a job or task will be conducted as required, with particular attention to new equipment and procedures. Training will be conducted by the supervisor, or qualified person, and shall include a written or performance test.  A record of all written or performance tests will be kept on file.

Specialized Training

Specialized training may be required from time to time for special areas of operations or to meet specific requirements for unique tasks. This may include specific equipment and procedures for personnel working with, or exposed to, toxic or corrosive chemicals. Examples of such training would include: WHMIS, Confined Space and Working Alone.

On-the-Job Training

Employee on-the-job training will be conducted by supervisors or a designate and will include:

  • Hanover School Division Safety Program
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Emergency treatment of injuries
  • Procedures for reporting an emergency (fire, spill, or accident)